Property And Business Insurance

1. Providing basic insurance from fire, lightning, explosion, fall of flying objects from above, removal of waste, and additional natural risks such as:

  • Earthquake
  • Storms
  • Flood
  • Barrage
  • Land Slipping
  • Breaking Windows

2. Business interruption insurance, where you benefit compensation for lost profits.

3. Property insurance from theft : We offer for you, in addition to the fire insurance, the movable property insurance from the risk of theft and attempt of theft, this product is offered for you with a discount of 30% from the basic fee, which is calculated for every respective object/ inventory in a special way.

4. Provision of agricultural crops and livestock, where you can get the right remedy for the damages caused  to agricultural crops by hail, storm, floods and animal deaths due to diseases, accidental poisoning food and water or surgical interventions to them.

‘Atlantik’ Insurance Company is the third private company in the insurance trade market in Albania


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