Vehicles Insurance

1.  TPL insurance of vehicles: Holding the responsibility towards third parts TPL- obligatory according to the laws in force, aiming, among other things, to protect the financial interest of the person insured by the demands for compensation coming from third parts damaged in automobiles accidents.Insurance premium fees are uniform for all insurance companies in accordance with the legislation of Albania.For the vehicles registered regularly – 1 year term contract

2. The Green Card insurance:This is a kind of vehicle insurance obligatory for insuring vehicles with Albanian plates that travel outside the Albanian territory and covers all the expenses or damages resulting from their use outside the Albanian borders, this type of insurance is re-insured by the insurance company SCOR. The fees for this type insurance are standard for all the companies.The fees for this type insurance are standard for all the companies.

3.  Car Border Insurance: Responsibility of holders of motor vehicles against third parties. This insurance covers material and health damage that can be caused to third parties as a result of the use of motor vehicles with foreign license plates circulating within the territory of Albania. This contract is immediately effective at the time of its issuance.

4. CASKO insurance Damages of the vehicles itself (Casco insurance) –which protects the financial interests of the persons insured in cases when his vehicle is damaged as a result of:

  • Vehicles accidents/ clashes (cover I);
  • Cover I + natural risks (cover II);
  • (Caused by external objects on the vehicle)
  • (Fire or explosion, earthquake, storm, land sliding)
  • (Hail, snow and window breaking)
  • Cover II+ theft/robbery   (Cover III)


‘Atlantik’ Insurance Company is the third private company in the insurance trade market in Albania


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