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‘Atlantik’ Insurance Company is the third private company in the insurance trade market in Albania. It is officially licensed to develope such activity in the field of insurance with the official permission of the Insurance Supervision Commission (which is now called the Financial Supervisory Authority) since May ,2001.

Taking into consideration the period when it was firts established and especially the current market in that period, in accordance to the law, this company has been established with a private capital of 100.000.000 lek. Such amount of money transformed ‘Atlantik’ into the first big comany, founded with that big amount of money. Its financial oppotunies made it easier fot our company to penetrate through all the market’s neccessities, giving other shareholders and companies the right confidence which is needed in order to establish e fruitfull collaboration.

Even for the years to come, Atlantik has always been one of the strongest insurace companies in Albania. Its financial first capital made it possible for the company to be rated amoung the best insurance companies, leading the insurance market in Albania and giving it the possiblity to meet the business’ criteria and fullfill their aspirations in this field.

The Company “Atlantik Shoqeri Sigurimesh sha”, with NIPT K11807008V, is a company with domestic capital with sole 100% shareholder Mr. Dritan ÇELAJ
It owns 82,746,000 shares at the nominal value of ALL 10,000,112 with a total value of 827,469,281,000 ALL

Mr. Dritan ÇELAJ is at the same time administrator of the company. The society has a two-tier system. The Supervisory Council consists of three members, Mr. Aleksander MUSKAJ, Mr. Rrapo ÇELAJ, and Mr. Luan BREGASI, Chairman.


‘Atlantik’ insurance company, has been recording excellent results during all these years and such results consist in :


Expansion of sales network across the country. Atlantic is present everywhere with 13 Regional Director in Tirana, Durres, Fier, Vlora, Elbasan, Korca, Gjirokastra, Shkodra, Kukes, Berat, Dibra, Lezha and Lushnje. Atlantic also records about 100 offices across the country.


Increasing incidence in the insurance market by 3% it occupied in 2001 to 7% in 2014 and 9% in 2015.
The growth of premium income. Increasing the number of our customers. Atlantic records circa 150,000 thousand of clients in Albania. Atlantic is an important partner with large multi important business and Albanian.
It has been improving with the passing of years the report between voluntary products and nesseccary ones. It also has a diverified portofolio of different products and its main aim is to concentrate and better develope insurances such as ; property’s insurance, automobile accidents , health insurance and many other ones. Atlantik also tends to offer the same products and insurance the same wasy as international markets offer them.
Increasing the quality of risk management. Atlantic has powerful reinsurance possibilites that will help the company to guarantee a solid and safe position in the market. protections society and society solid position in the market.
Reinsurance Companies that support insurance contracts with Atlantic are companies quoted with A by Standard & Poors, among which we can mention: SIA “MAI REINSURANCE BROKERS”, which is one of the largest reinsurance largest in Europe, “HANNOVER RE” etc

‘Atlantik’ Insurance Company is the third private company in the insurance trade market in Albania


Tel: +355 4 2230 506

Fax: +355 4 235 088


Nipt: K11807008V

St. "Themistokli Gërmenji" No. 3/1